BridgeWare allows you to build and implement enterprise-wide real-time access to back-office data easily and efficiently.

The BridgeWare Integration Framework enables you to build and implement enterprise wide real-time access to Contract Management Systems (CMS), like IDS InfoLease®, data easily and efficiently. This allows transactions between customer origination or web base systems and the CMS to occur in real-time thereby eliminating the delays and inherent accuracy-over-time issues with batch processes.

Real-time CMS data interface facilitates modern implementation of each of these mission critical workflows:

  • Loan Origination Solutions (LOS) with timelier and richer customer experience
  • Interactive reporting and “portal” functionality with web-based access and controls
  • On site delinquency analysis and recovery services

Bridgeware consists of a growing catalog of essential web services used for integration and the flexibility to add additional services without any changes to the framework itself. These services are created with industry standard technologies such as: RESTful web services, and JSON. BridgeWare supports both InfoLease® 9 and 10.

A proxy server may be used for communication between the servlet and UniData in the case where a firewall exists between them. The proxy server port and other properties are configurable. (see Figure 1 below)

We leverage industry standard Internet technologies including RESTful Web Services, Hypertext Transport, Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Build and implement enterprise-wide real-time access to InfoLease back office data easily and efficiently.

Industry standard Internet technologies including Java Servlets, J2EE, Hypertext Transport, Protocol (HTTP) and Extensible Markup Language (XML)

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