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Analytics modules are both tools and applications that extract and aggregate data from disparate systems to support business analytics.

Tamarack Analytics can store data for custom analysis or run data streams through specific analytics applications to return information derived from the analysis.


Data Warehouse Extraction and SQL Translation Tool

Tamarack’s Data Warehouse Extraction and SQL Translation tool is used to create data marts that enable improved Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities. A data mart can contain data from the sources like:

  • Origination platform
  • CMS Platform or Managed Service via API
  • Supporting Applications (e.g. Paynet, Experian, etc.)

The Extraction and SQL Translation tool will establish re-occurring data feed exchanges with all sources. After aggregation the tool provides staging and final tables for the data mart. Tamarack has also created Extract Transform Load (ETL) processes to load the data feeds from a local network location to the final data mart tables or data warehouses.



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