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Professional services performed by experts with over 20 years of industry experience

For a predictable monthly fee, TESA provides up to 24/7 support for your Leasing Contract Management System.

Tamarack Enhanced Support Agreements (TESA) include support for auxiliary systems such as Unix system administration, database, sales and use Tax, asset management and insurance. Professional services are performed by Tamarack experts with over 20 years of industry experience. TESA can be used to address immediate issue resolution as well as longer term projects. Our subject matter experts have the technical expertise and business knowledge to make industry best practice recommendations.

Support Process

Support is provided by phone, e-mail and the Tamarack issue tracking system. The Tamarack issue tracking system is cloud based and can be used by customers and Tamarack to log issues, check status and upload supporting documents.

Severity Levels

TESA Response times and Investigation times are based on three severity levels: Critical, High and Regular (see the table below for details and definitions):

Severity Definition Response Time Investigation Time
Critical A defect that prevents users from performing their tasks. Includes a system crash with data loss, or absence of required functionality. Within 1 hour Within 4 hours
High Includes a system crash with no data loss and/or incorrect functionality with no or extensive workaround. Within 6 hours Within 24 hours
Regular Incorrect functionality with a minimal workaround, or cosmetic or low priority. Within 2 days Within 5 business days

Support Requirements

Customer will provide Tamarack with VPN, SSL, or similar access to customer’s systems for issue research and resolution.

Tamarack recommends that customers retain vendor software maintenance.

Support Hours

TESA Product Platinum Gold Silver
Support Hours 24 hrs. / 7 days 12 hrs. / 5 days 12 hrs. / 5 days
Guaranteed Available Hours/Month 80 hrs. 40 hrs. 20 hrs.

Next Steps

Thank you for your interest in the Tamarack Enhanced Support Agreement.

For more information please contact us by email at, by phone at 1-888-952-8268 or using the online form below.

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