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If “data is the new oil” then changing your equipment finance accounting system is like swapping out the engine of a Formula 1 race car.

If you are going to win the race, you cannot afford to cease operations or stall the engine when you “Go Live.” Tamarack’s team knows what it takes to change your platforms.

First, you must maintain your business on the existing systems while the rest of your team stands up the new platform. Business Continuity requires knowledge of the existing systems so that the support team can implement bridging features or changes that will soon become baseline in your upgrade. While data is the fuel of the enterprise, not all fuel lines are the same. Customization and cleaning of both the data streams is often necessary to make them work with the new platform.

Tamarack reduces the risk of both business disruption as well as “Go Live” success on the new platform with systems skills applied in a business-savvy context.

Migration and Business Continuity

Portfolio data migration and business continuity during changeovers

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