By Tamarack |   Jun 27, 2022

In a Q&A, Michael Baez of Leasepath, Diane Croessmann of The Alta Group, Scott Nelson of Tamarack Technology, Sean Scampton of Leasepath and William Verhelle of Innovation Finance USA give their take on why companies are hesitant to embrace new technology tools in the U.S. equipment finance marketplace.

By Tamarack |   Jun 24, 2022

This month we’ll demonstrate how to automatically waive late charges inadvertently assessed when a contract payment is not processed on the date it was received. This Trail Mix solution can be applied in both IL9 and IL10.

By Scott Nelson |   Jun 22, 2022

The availability and analysis of data is the driving force for change in business today and we see five ways that it is going to change the way equipment finance operates over the next few years. We note that “changing the way a business operates” is another way to say “changing our behavior” so we are really talking about five ways data is going to create innovation in our industry.

By Dani Appleget |   Jun 14, 2022

June in Minnesota finally brings summertime, which typically is jam-packed with outdoor activities, sports and peak wedding season. For Tim Appleget, Tamarack’s director of technology services, this summer has all three.

By Scott Nelson |   May 24, 2022

An interview with Equipment Finance leader David Gnade on the risk and opportunities of impending rate hikes.

By Tamarack |   May 23, 2022

In this Trail Mix installment, we’re exploring InfoLease 10 (IL10) functionality, specifically how to create User-Defined Menus.

By Dani Appleget |   May 19, 2022

When it comes to working hard and having fun, no one does it better than Norma Arias. In her role as VP of Professional Services, Norma works tirelessly to manage Tamarack’s fast-growing professional services team. Outside the office, she enjoys supporting her community, moonlighting as a musician, and becoming a citizen of the world.

By Scott Nelson |   May 05, 2022

The Amazon Prime television show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” recently re-introduced me to concept of matchmakers. The show’s plotline begins with Mrs. Maisel’s mother, Rose, launching a business as a New York City matchmaker. This intrigued me because the challenges she faced seemed very much like those I have come to understand working with and around brokers in equipment finance.

By Dani Appleget |   Apr 25, 2022

Every month we will be featuring an interview with a member of our team so you can get to know them better. To Kick off the series, meet Andy Hedstrom! Andy joined the Tamarack Team in February to lead the development of Tamarack’s growing sales team.

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