By Scott Nelson |   Mar 30, 2021

Every generation of technology promises innovation and 5G is no exception. Scott Nelson explores variations in 5G that could make equipment finance more relevant to both providers and consumers of the technology.

By Tamarack |   Mar 24, 2021

Many of our customers receive monthly Sales & Use Tax updates via the Vertex “L” Series monthly file update but often unaware of how the rate changes will be applied across their receivables in InfoLease.

By Scott Nelson |   Mar 17, 2021

Recently I was asked to opine on trends in the sensor marketplace. The question is one I have considered many times in my career and lately is a daily consideration given the importance of data to both personal and professional life. The challenge with the question is that sensors are no longer just a physical thing. Today we can combine data inputs from multiple sources, some physical some virtual, add some cognitive insight, and craft a recipe for a new measurement. But recipes only work reliably when the ingredients are fresh and the instructions followed diligently.

By Scott Nelson |   Mar 02, 2021

(This article written by Bill Verhelle & Scott Nelson appeared on Equipment Finan...

By Tamarack |   Feb 24, 2021

InfoLease has always allowed options to safeguard customer data via access control. As with all enterprise applications, access control is achieved through User IDs and password controls. (See the Security Module for more details!) But occasionally we are asked if there are means to achieve additional safeguards via data masking and encryption. Yes, there are!

By Scott Nelson |   Feb 17, 2021

“If you can’t explain your physics to a third grader, you don’t understand it.”

By Tamarack |   Jan 21, 2021

Challenge: If you are using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) module to automatically collect payments, you may find yourself or your team bogged down with manually processing NSF and other ACH return codes. Do you know you can configure the system to reverse ACH payment due to reasons such as insufficient funds or invalid account number? Additionally, you can configure the system to automatically assess an ACH Return Fee.

By Scott Nelson |   Jan 21, 2021

“Get closer to your customers” is an age-old platitude from business consultants in times of stress.

By Tamarack |   Dec 16, 2020

Did you know you can create delimited data files from a UniQuery (InfoTrieve)?

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