By Scott Nelson |   May 05, 2022

The Amazon Prime television show “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” recently re-introduced me to concept of matchmakers. The show’s plotline begins with Mrs. Maisel’s mother, Rose, launching a business as a New York City matchmaker. This intrigued me because the challenges she faced seemed very much like those I have come to understand working with and around brokers in equipment finance.

By Dani Appleget |   Apr 25, 2022

Every month we will be featuring an interview with a member of our team so you can get to know them better. To Kick off the series, meet Andy Hedstrom! Andy joined the Tamarack Team in February to lead the development of Tamarack’s growing sales team.

By Dani Appleget |   Apr 20, 2022

How do you define innovation? This was the initial question posed by moderator Scott Nelson during the March 3, 2022, Monitor Live+ Panel: Creating a Future for Your Company. In presenting the question, Nelson used the Peter Drucker’s definition to lead off the discussion. “Innovation is an effect in economy and society, a change in the behavior of customers, of teachers, of farmers, of doctors, of people in general”

By Scott Nelson |   Mar 24, 2022

Everyone has their own methods of predicting customer behavior. That’s the goal. Like tournament seeds, credit scores reflect past performance and provide insight over the long term that will be statistically relevant. But just like every game has new circumstances and the opportunity for special efforts by players and coaches, every business year has a plethora of new opportunities, constraints, and circumstances that might change how a business performs and behaves. Extra data sources help make better predictions.

By Scott Nelson & Tim Appleget |   Feb 28, 2022

Thought leaders approach most topics walking the line between being first with an idea and having recognized peers supporting/validating the idea. We approached the first article in this series (When uncertainty hits the balance sheet: High Residuals) with that usual balance in mind and are happy to report that we have company in our observations as well as novelty in some of our recommendations.

By Tamarack |   Feb 24, 2022

Scott Nelson, Ph.D., President, and Chief Digital Officer, of Tamarack Technology Inc., provides Leasing Avenues with the state of artificial intelligence in the equipment leasing and finance industry. From AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to how they can be implemented now, Scott explains how even small lessors can realize substantial benefits. Spoiler Alert: it is now affordable and feasible to implement in under a year.

By Tamarack |   Feb 23, 2022

This Trail Mix installment describes how to leverage the 100% Bonus Depreciation mass update utility within InfoLease.

By Scott Nelson |   Feb 21, 2022

Transformation to becoming a “digital business” may be a tired topic, but how many finance companies can actually claim success? Indeed, how many business leaders have a definition of success for digital transformation much less have communicated it companywide?

By Dani Appleget |   Feb 11, 2022

Everything from the economy to the housing market is changing at an accelerating pace. Technology is the key to futureproofing your organization. So, how should organizations prepare themselves for the future?

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