By Tamarack |   Sep 28, 2022

Solifi’s Lease and Loan Portfolio Management Software (formerly InfoLease) provides control when it comes to allowing users to view/edit data -- a necessary procedure for most organizations categorizing sensitive data on a need-to-know basis.

By Dani Cluff |   Sep 28, 2022

As the cooler fall weather sets in, you can bet that this month’s “Get to know…” feature will be dressing for the season. Enjoy learning more about Tearinea Briscoe, CLFP, a recent addition to Tamarack's professional services team.

By Scott Nelson |   Sep 27, 2022

Equipment Finance is a business that feels like running on a treadmill set at twelve. And the roughly 12,500 finance brokers operating in the space are trying to help lenders keep up.

By Scott Nelson |   Sep 27, 2022

Everyone has heard the saying about doing things right vs doing the right things. Being really good at doing something that doesn’t matter, doesn’t really have much benefit. But the lesson is not about making a choice; it’s about understanding the two “rights” and doing both to be more productive.

By Scott Nelson |   Sep 19, 2022

A combination of new demand and new competitors has brought equipment finance to a turning point where business-as-usual is no longer an effective approach and the risk of stalling out is a real probability.

By Tamarack |   Sep 13, 2022

A decade ago, AI was a buzzword with little practical application in equipment finance. Today, companies in our industry are utilizing artificial intelligence for the purposes of prediction and automation, streamlining internal processes to increase productivity and drive better deal outcomes.

By Scott Nelson |   Aug 24, 2022

Now there’s a new kid on the block for underwriters and business managers when it comes to predicting payments – AI based predictors.

By Tamarack |   Aug 23, 2022

In this month’s Trail Mix, we would like to share new functionality in Solifi’s Portfolio Management System (InfoLease10). Users can now process correcting payments via the Payment History tab within Contract Maintenance.

By Dani Cluff |   Aug 22, 2022

A recent addition to Tamarack, Aaron Jackson has hit the ground running with his work as a data analyst on Tamarack’s artificial intelligence team. Born and raised here in the north, the subject of this month’s “Get to Know…” is a Minnesotan to his core.

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