In this Trail Mix installment, we’re exploring InfoLease 10 (IL10) functionality, specifically how to create User-Defined Menus.

With IL10, users have the ability to set up User-Defined Menus to process programs or link to URLs that may be applicable to your users. Instead of bookmarking each URL they may need to reference, you may choose to set up a link via User-Defined Menus. As always, please check with internal governance to determine what is allowed via your company’s governance rules.

InfoLease 10 has new functionality to process ACH Returns automatically by receiving a file for ACH rejects such as NSF/wrong account number, etc. In order to use this functionality, you will need to set up a User-Defined Menu to process the file.

In the screenshot below, I’ve created an ‘ACH Returns’ group, as well as a ‘Process ACH, Returns File’ program.

Once you log in to IL10, navigate to the Admin Dashboard via the gearbox to the right of the Help icon and Signed In as ‘xxx.’

Under Tools, select User-Defined Menus.

The User-Defined Menus page will display

First, if you are adding a program to a User-Defined Menu, add the program to a process such as ACH.RETURNS.PYMTS under the User-Defined Program Execution section. The program ACH.RETURN.PYMTS does not have any parameters to pass into the program, but if your program does, you will want to pass the parameter in.

Note: There can be no user prompts, so you need to think ahead about how you want the process to work, and if your program allows for user prompts, you may want to create multiple selections to cover the different variations of prompts.

Once you have your program set up under User-Defined Program Execution, or if you want to link to a URL, navigate to the User-Defined Navigation.

Select Add and then select either URL or Program in the Select Link Type window.

To navigate to a URL, select URL and then Add. Enter the applicable information and what group you want to add it to.

Note: If you want to create a new group to display within Global Navigation, you would first need to select Edit Groups and Add a Group.

To add a program, select Program and then Add. Enter the applicable information.

Once you add access for the user via User Security, users will have access to run the process and or navigate to the URL within Global Navigation.

They can also set it as one of their Favorites.

Because Tamarack Technology was added within the Navigation Program Detail window, under the Actions Drop-down > Contract Search, it’s available via the Contract Action Box.

Because Tamarack Technology was added within the Navigation Program Detail window, under the Actions Area > Contract Search, it’s available within Contract Maintenance > Action Box.

Think of the possibilities! Now it’s time for you to explore!

Please contact Tamarack Technology if you want further information or assistance with User-Defined Menus in InfoLease 10.

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