Contracts can be added to the WK.INVOICE file using the following methods: 1) Invoice Processing via the NJS, 2) Manual Invoicing, or 3) Invoice Utility. Note: the N.CODE.USERID field clarifies how contracts were added to the work file.

  1. Invoice Processing via the NJS
    Contracts are added based on the Invoice Due Day and Invoice Lead Days. The system is invoiced out automatically via the NJS. Once the NJS Invoice To Date reaches the “Next Invoice Date” of a contract, the contract is added to the WK.INVOICE work file.

    If N.CODE.USERID reflects “”, the contract was added during the NJS process.
  2. Manual Invoicing
    A contract can be added manually to the WK.INVOICE work file via the Manual Invoicing screen. Go to the Leasing Menu - Accounts Receivable Menu – Manual Invoicing.
    • At the Manual Invoicing screen, enter the Lessor and Contract Number.
    • At the selection prompt enter, ‘I’ to add the contract to the WK.INVOICE work file.
    • Return to exit the Manual Invoicing screen.

    If modifications have been made to a contract that impact the invoice (e.g. waived late charges, updated open items, etc.) and the contract already exists in the WK.INVOICE work file, this method will update the work file to reflect the adjustments before invoicing. In this situation, the system will return a message of “Invoice Record exists for contract. `I` will be overwritten with current info.”

    If N.CODE.USERID = M, the contract was added via the Manual Invoicing screen.
  3. Invoice Utility
    If the number of contracts to be added to the WK.INVOICE work file are not manageable using the Manual Invoicing screen, a saved-list of contracts can be created and used in combination with INVOICE.UTILITY. Once the saved-list is created, run INVOICE.UTILITY from TCL.
    • From a Selection prompt type, ‘TCL’ <cr> to run INVOICE.UTILITY.
    • At the “:” command prompt type, ‘INVOICE.UTILITY’ <cr>.
    • Enter the saved-list name when prompted followed by <cr> to run.
    • The contract numbers will scroll on screen and the “:” command prompt will display when complete. Type, ‘INFO’ <cr> to return to the InfoLease menus.

If you would like instructions on the steps to create a saved-list contact

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