Challenge: Cleanse addresses along with Tax Area IDs

Equipment finance companies leveraging the Vertex® O Series automated tax calculation engine can find themselves dealing with GIGO (Garbage In/Garbage Out) issues. This is especially true when it comes to determining the Tax Area ID for sales and use tax assessment during origination or contract booking.

If you are leveraging O Series, either the Indirect Tax (On-Prem) or On-Demand (SaaS) implementation, you may have the solution right at your fingertips!


First, check if you have licensed the Address Cleansing product by navigating to System  Settings and look for “Address Cleansing” under the Category drop-down. Assuming you do, you’ll see several options that control when and how O Series will cleanse an address. Specifically, confirm you have activated the “Use Address Cleansing” parameter.

Now, with each call to retrieve a “Lookup TaxArea ID” API, O Series will return the correct address. For example, “100 Pine Road, Lebanon, KS” will be returned as “100 Pine St, Lebanon, KS 66952-8808” correcting to “Street” and adding the 9-digit zip code.

By updating this cleansed address in your systems, all downstream activity will be more accurate.

Please contact Tamarack if you would like to learn more about implementing Vertex O Series.

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