InfoLease has always allowed options to safeguard customer data via access control. As with all enterprise applications, access control is achieved through User IDs and password controls. (See the Security Module for more details!) But occasionally we are asked if there are means to achieve additional safeguards via data masking and encryption. Yes, there are!

Data Masking

On subrelease 346, IDS added field level data masking enabling you to force masking on over 100 potentially sensitive fields. For example, you can configure Fed ID to display as ******6789 rather than displaying 12-3456789. Please refer to the “Masking Sensitive Data” section in the Security module guide.

Data Encryption

To protect against security events such as a data breach, Rocket Software’s UniData supports data encryption via the Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) feature. ADE, available on UniData version 7.3 and above, implements data encryption through the creation of “keys” and “wallets” to prevent unauthorized access to specific tables or the entire database while maintaining seamless access to authorized users.

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