By Tamarack |  Jan 14, 2021

Partnership with Hunter & Company evaluates alignment and efficacy of operation systems and workflows for improved efficiency and customer experience

Tamarack Consulting has partnered with Hunter & Company to offer an assessment of a company’s equipment finance operation systems and workflows. Designed to identify opportunities to gain greater efficiency as well as streamline operations, the Tamarack Equipment Finance Assessment (TEFA) evaluates the alignment and efficacy of an equipment finance company’s systems with the workflows of the operation.

“We often find ourselves “putting bandages” on customer systems because the systems are not fully aligned with workflow,” said Daniel Nelson, CEO of Tamarack Consulting. “While this solution addresses the immediate concerns, it doesn’t provide the opportunity for companies to identify and address situations proactively and strategically. Through the assessment service, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive view of where improvements can be made to improve overall operations.”

Performed by subject matter experts from the Tamarack/Hunter & Company team, the assessment framework uses a standard methodology and report template to complete a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the equipment finance lifecycle as implemented in a company’s existing systems.

“The assessment allows us to help customers understand their performance level as well as the opportunities for their enterprise,” said Harrison Hunter, CEO of Hunter & Company. “By offering the assessment in partnership with Tamarack we are able to bring to bear a full suite of equipment finance systems experience and provide recommendations to tune the customer’s operations for lower expense, increased speeds, and improved customer experiences.”

The assessment addresses the full equipment finance lifecycle from Prospecting-and-Sales to Reporting and General Administration with drilldowns into 45 functional sub-categories. The outcome is a written assessment report that provides findings in each of nine business lifecycle categories and makes recommendations on areas that offer opportunities for improvement. The assessment is typically completed within two weeks. The cost of the assessment varies based on the size and complexity of the organization.

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