Collector worklist assignment occurs each night during the jobstream within the aging process. Often there are times when customers need to run worklist assignment outside of the jobstream. Some situations would be due testing new collector assignment parameters in a test environment or incorrect aging date in production.


Before beginning the process, you'll need to identify the "internal" date. (The internal date is the number of days after 12/31/1967 - Day 0.) At TCL, type DATEX and enter the desired collector assignment date in MM/DD/CCYY format. Now that you have the internal date, go into Lease Parameter maintenance set the aging run code to “Y”. Next, run ASSIGN.CONTRACTS at TCL to run Collector Assignment. Once finished, type CREATE.COLL.LISTS, hit and then enter the internal date on the line below follwed by . Once finished, the collector worklists will have been regenerated! Don't forget to set the aging run code back to “N” under Lease Parameter maintenance when finished.

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