Our mission is to unlock the opportunity of data with access to capital.

Exploring opportunity.

In 2001, when Daniel Nelson started Tamarack, the fast-growing equipment finance market was beginning to segment. Software providers were rapidly expanding both their product capabilities and their footprint in the market. But Nelson saw that some lessors were being left behind – either their size or market focus were no longer the focus of rapidly growing suppliers. He saw an opportunity to help these lessors acquire and sustain the same tools the big banks and captives were using to simplify their leasing operations, improve performance, and significantly increase their value to their customers.

A journey to disruption.

So, Nelson set out to fill the gap; he built a team of lease accounting software experts that helped equipment finance companies of all makes and models improve their competitive edge. Not surprisingly, Tamarack’s team of experts were quickly found to be as valuable to the big lender in-house teams as they were to the smaller lessors who looked to outsource. In just a few years, Tamarack became a leading technology partner in the equipment finance industry.

Innovation through integration.

During this time Nelson also noticed that service providers specialized in origination (front-end) or portfolio management (back-end) systems, but rarely did they possess the depth to support the entire lease/loan lifecycle. Of course, that’s what companies of all sizes and types want: seamless, integrated software solutions designed to create brilliant customer experiences. So, in 2014, Tamarack acquired E2E Systems and its Saleforce.com origination applications – again filling the gap with both front- office and back-end solutions.

Access to capital gives access to data

As the equipment finance market continued to evolve, Tamarack once again reached a point where change was necessary. What once made sense – bringing the front-end and the back end together – no longer aligned with the modular, cloud-service architectures that had taken over the software industry. So, in July 2020, Tamarack spun-off its Salesforce.com business to enable it to better pursue a modern systems vision for the marketplace. The spin-off enabled Tamarack to shift focus onto a more complete business strategy that helps customers improve their operational and financial performance through the integration of equipment finance software platforms with emerging digital technologies.

Data protects capital

Throughout its history, Tamarack has always been at its core a technology company that understands equipment finance. As the company enters its next phase, it is now in a position expand its offerings to include the integration of digital technologies and operational data to drive greater value from equipment finance operations. A key element of Tamarack’s vision forward is the integration of real-time data into the lease accounting platforms to help lessors protect their investments and business performance while simultaneously helping lessees access solutions that improve their operations.

Guiding financial innovation

As the equipment finance industry continues to evolve, there is no doubt that Tamarack will continue to recognize and adapt to meet the changing business requirements for success.

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