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Tamarack is a technology company that understands equipment finance. We believe that access to capital provides access to data and in turn data protects capital.


About Tamarack

The equipment finance ecosystem is driven by access to capital, reducing risk and accelerating customer performance. Over the past decade, technology has made steps in improving the operations side but now the industry is on the precipitous of dramatic operations improvements through the integration of digital technology.


Tamarack is a technology company that understands equipment finance.

Understanding and implementing technology can be daunting and sometimes carries risk. With more than 20 years of equipment finance experience, Tamarack is a technology company that understands equipment finance. We live on both sides of the equation. We live by the principle that “access to capital provides access to data and data protects capital.”

By joining the relationships within the equipment finance ecosystem with the power of operational data from the equipment, Tamarack is leading the digitization of our customers’ industries while reducing risk.

What can Tamarack do for you?



BridgeWare allows you to build and implement enterprise-wide real-time access to industry leading back-office data easily and efficiently.


Automation Utilities

Automation Utilities improve the productivity and capability the enterprise lease accounting platforms and teams managing lease portfolios.



Lease Management System Connectors integrate third party functions into the enterprise accounting platforms for tax compliance, identity tracking, and insurance, among others.

Troubled-Debt Restructuring Utility

Extension-of-Terms Automation Utility with integration services enabling lessors to automate lease/loan modifications for lessees.

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Work with the Equipment Finance and Commercial Lending Solutions Experts

What sets us apart is our ability to provide impartial solutions and expertise for every stage in the lease/loan lifecycle, from origination through portfolio servicing. With more than 25 years of experience, we know the right questions to ask. We know the right people and applications to leverage. We know what works.

The right tools in the hands of highly skilled teams.

We carry a large and continuously growing set of leading-edge application and development tools to solve your business challenges with precisely the right solution. We are an independent service provider that will bring the right technology for your business.


Tamarack helped us streamline our operations and improve our customer satisfaction while maintaining our strict corporate policies. Their experience, educated insight and professionalism is unrivaled in the market today.


Thomas Prendergast
NEC Leasing


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